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Communication Skills Classes and Coaching in Asheville, North Carolina  

HeartSpeak, located in Asheville, North Carolina, offers more than just classes and coaching. Not only will you learn to communicate in a nonviolent and compassionate way.  You'll learn how to decrease stress while tapping into your social and emotional intelligence, through the heart-based skills of empathy and insight. I am a certified teacher, coach and curriculum instructor in the Connection Practice® by Rasur Foundation International. Learning this practice is truly the key to resolving conflicts, improving relationships, and enhancing performance. 

If you are in search of communication coaching, classes, or mediation in or around Asheville, North Carolina, HeartSpeak can help. We have many different offerings depending on your situation. There are Connection Practice classes,  consisting of three 12-hour weekends. We have HeartSpeak classes of four to six two-hour sessions. Our classes for teachers are six hours of training in the Connection Practice, which give teachers the tools to instruct children in how to give empathy to both themselves and others, and how to access the calm insights of their heart’s intelligence. This curriculum is proven to result in less anxiety, fewer discipline problems, better test scores, and improved interpersonal relationships with their peers and with adults.

The mediations can lead to conflict resolution--with your spouse, your teen, your business partner or even your neighbor. The mediations that HeartSpeak offers can be done in person at my office in Asheville, North Carolina, or over the phone and Skype.

HeartSpeak offers many great tools for deepening your connections with self and others, building healthy relationships. Call HeartSpeak today to get started.

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