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Communication Skills Classes and Coaching in Asheville, North Carolina  

HeartSpeak, located in Asheville, North Carolina, teaches the practice of communication for connection. What does this mean? It means learning to listen and speak from the heart. It means coaching on how to create and sustain healthy relationships. It means learning to lower your stress and give yourself and others empathy. 

HeartSpeak offers classes, practice groups, coaching, meditations and products for adults, children and teens, in communicating more effectively and insightfully to solve relationship problems. 

I am certified as a teacher, coach and curriculum instructor in the Connection Practice ®, by  Rasur Foundation International. Learning more about this method is beneficial for schoolchildren, educators, guidance counselors, couples, families and businesses.

For anyone living in Asheville, North Carolina, the Connection Practice teaches the heart-based skills of empathy and insight – building social and emotional intelligence to resolve relationship issues as well as to understand ourselves better.

For adults it’s great for relationship problems and conflict resolution. For young people these tools can help with test anxiety and more assertive communication skills, which can decrease instances of bullying and discipline problems in school. By getting "in sync" with our hearts, we lower stress, think more clearly and access insights--our hearts' own wisdom.

Although there are other places that teach nonviolent and compassionate communication skills, we are the only place in Asheville, North Carolina, that is certified by Rasur Foundation International. If you or someone you know can benefit from this type of communication, call HeartSpeak, today. Your first coaching “get acquainted” call is free, and your first session is half price. 

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